4 Reasons Entrepreneurs Must Make Time for Themselves

Running your own business can be time consuming, and it’s tempting to see any time off as a luxury. Giving yourself a break, however, will help your business in the long run in addition to your health. The American Institute of Stress explains that over half of Americans are stressed during the day, and stress can significantly affect your overall well-being. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration to find the balance between your work and your wellness, here are four reasons the Crestview Area Chamber of Commerce thinks you should consider.


1. You Will Sleep Better

Stress can keep you up at night, and even the smallest amount of sleep deprivation can affect your brain function, reports the American Psychological Association. A lack of sleep also affects your mood and judgment skills, which are both key to running a good business and maintaining relationships. Adults who sleep at least eight hours per night are less likely to yell at their children and spouse, skip the gym, or deal with irritability. To break the cycle, try creating a nighttime routine that includes stopping all screen usage at least an hour before bed.


2. You Will Be Less Likely to Get Sick

Having too much cortisol in your blood can lead to inflammation and a poorly-functioning immune system. This means you are more likely to contract a cold when exposed to germs in addition to more severe allergies and other ailments. If you want to prevent heart disease, migraines, depression, and a number of other maladies, taking care of yourself and reducing stress is imperative.


3. You Will Save Time

This may seem counterintuitive, but taking care of yourself will save you time in the long run. Not only will you be less likely to deal with severe illnesses and resulting absences, but you will function better at work and in your daily life. This means it will be easier to focus and be efficient at any task that you undertake.


Making sound business decisions and using practical tools can also save you time. Consider forming an LLC in Florida, which will reduce your liability and make filing taxes easier. You can use a formation service to save money on lawyer fees (and right now, you can even file your LLC for free courtesy of ZenBusiness; all you’ll pay are Florida’s state fees). Be sure to check the rules in your state before moving forward, as they are not universal.


Another time-saving tip is using a PDF editor to communicate efficiently with freelancers and other business associates. An editor can help you put together images and add sticky notes and text. Then, you can send your notes as one file without having to type out lengthy emails.


4. You Will Be Happier

Most importantly, taking care of yourself will make you happier. This is important for you, but it will also affect everyone around you. You will feel better and also be able to manage your relationships and responsibilities with a positive attitude. Happiness often brings perspective, preventing you from overworking or neglecting your family and friends. Psychology Today explains that unhappy people often rely on ambition to drive their lives and operate with blinders on. Taking a pause and boosting your mood will remind you what is essential.


Care for Yourself First

There are many reasons to take time for yourself and reduce stress. The four points above are some of the most important, but they are certainly not the only considerations. Running a business is a rewarding experience, but remember to take care of yourself and the other aspects of your life as well. Whenever possible, use time-saving tools and make choices, like changing your business structure, that will support your healthy work/life balance and mindset. You don’t want the business you dreamt about to be the thing that now causes you nightmares. Find your balance and enjoy your entrepreneurial days.