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Welcome to the City of Crestview and Crestview Area. Our community has enjoyed a constant steady growth for many years. In fact, there are hundreds of new homes being built here and we have several new apartment/townhome complexes ready to welcome you. Most of the recent growth is due to the Air Force's newest F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program and the Army's 7th Special Forces group expansion to our area. Amid this expansion, businesses and higher education opportunities are pouring into the area bringing new jobs, services, retail and restaurants. Even amongst the growth, our community has been able to maintain its charm. Many people describe our community as friendly, caring and safe. In fact we have one of the lowest crime and cost-of-living rates in the state of Florida. Our K-12 Okaloosa County School District has been rated the number one school districts in the entire state for over 8 years. Within our 42 public schools, students are given all the opportunities available to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for responsible citizenship, personal development and lifelong learning. For over 50 years, thousands of businesses and community leaders, as members of the chamber, have given of themselves to make this community what it has become today: a beautiful, bustling place we call home. What a splendid gift they have given us! On behalf of our community and all of our members and directors, we welcome you!


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